Friday, November 6, 2009

Frugal Money Saving Gift - Monkey Diaper Cake

I love diaper cakes. I received 3 when I was expecting Princess Peanut and each one was amazing in their own unique way. I've always been a master of a glue gun and have been crafting since I was a wee child. I like to put those skills to use as often as I can. I've made wonderful fleece blankets for Christmas, designed and crafted centerpieces for our wedding, and many other things to save a buck or two. Two of our dearest friends are expecting and I recently put together an amazing gift to serve as the centerpiece for their shower I am hosting. I bought a majority of the items I used at Ross Dress for Less.  I also used coupons that I had laying around for the diapers. The ribbon was purchase from the craft section at Walmart, I usually purchase all of my crafting items there.

This particular diaper cake used about 150 diapers in both size 1 and 2. I used storebrand diapers for the center of the cake and premium diapers for the outside ring. All the items combined cost about $70.00 and you may not consider that frugal. If you were to purchase a diaper cake of this caliber from online or at a boutique you would be paying well over $100.00.

I used the following items in the cake seen here:

2 packs of Gerber burp cloths- $1.99
1 12 pack baby wash cloths- $3.99
1 3 pack bibs $4.99
1 3 pack socks - $2.99
1 pack of travel size baby lotions, shampoo, etc. - $2.77
1 pack size 2 store brand (generic) - 50 pack, $5.77
1 pack size 1 premium diapers - 42 pack, $11.00 with coupon
1 pack size 2 premium diapers - 38 pack $11.00 with coupon
1 spool brown satin ribbon - $1.99
1 4 pack receiving blankets - $14.99 (only item purchased from registry)
1 onsie - $1.99
1 stuffed monkey - 4.99
1 pack of two pacifiers - $1.00

The cardboard "cake" plate I cut out of a cardboard box so that was free, the ribbons I used to tie the diapers and secure the ribbon was curling ribbon, and was purchased from Dollar Tree (Obviously for 1 dollar).  I had the basic ideas for the cake and watched a few instuctional videos on youtube. I found the cake to be prettier when you put the items on the inside of the cake rather than hanging from the outside.

I also made this pink and green diaper cake for friends of ours that are having twin girls! It wasn't quite as big and I didn't use premium diapers on this one, but I think it is just as beautiful!

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  1. I was searching for original idea and this one is the best! Looks cute and it's useful! Thanks for posting those pictures!